Creating exceptional new garden plants is not something that happens overnight. The team at LAVINNOVA® set themselves an ambitious target many years back, their mission was to create a series of high quality, disease resistant and garden-worthy Spanish Lavender varieties with enlarged ‘wings’ and broad range of flower colours. To say they have succeeded in their mission would be an understatement indeed, with ground-breaking introductions like ‘The Princess’ and ‘The Queen’ and the ‘Fairy Wings’, ‘Ruffles’ and ‘Lace’ series leading the market and capturing the hearts of gardeners everywhere

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The team at LAVINNOVA® are based in Melbourne, Australia. The company is renowned for its innovative and targeted breeding programs. Headed by Steve Eggleton and Howard Bentley, they have launched many new ornamental varieties onto both the Australian and international markets over the past 20 years.

With extensive horticultural careers combining more than 50 years experience, both Eggleton and Bentley consistently push the boundaries in ornamental horticulture. They frequently travel the world sourcing new genetics, identifying opportunities and gathering inspiration for new breeding concepts.